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This website is mostly web development examples and reference.
I hope you enjoy. Please contact me for any reason.

  • Play one of the Games

    I am a big fan of video poker. It is a great way to slowly lose your money. :-) Jacks or Better is suppose to have the best odds. And it is the easiest to understand, especially after a few free casino drinks. :-)

    Play !

  • Check out something 'For Fun'

    Trip out to this constantly moving changing gradient plaid.

  • Use one of the helpful Tools

    Launch a Webpage with a Timer

    You want to listen to an internet radio station as you fall asleep, but you don't want it to play all night... Check this out!

  • A Website for Everyone Interested in Dirt Track Racing!

Allow the past to be the past, appreciate the present, and plan for the future.